Kokomo Capital is an exciting and rewarding place to work. The complexity of the undertakings of the firm ensures both a challenging and rewarding experience.


Culturally the firm is focused on ensuring that we employ the best candidates available from a diverse range of academic and experiential backgrounds. This provides for a relatively unique working environment, where everyone’s contribution is valued and people can fulfil their potential.


An emphasis is placed on ensuring a pragmatic approach is taken to problem solving and achieving business objectives in a collaborative manner. The firm operates with a very flat organizational structure, employees are encouraged to be actively involved in various projects at any given time, and to share knowledge wherever possible.


Kokomo Capital also happens to be a very social place to work. The firm actively encourages people to get to know one another in a less formal setting by facilitating initiatives like an annual overseas company trip and regular social engagements with one another.


Kokomo Capital is a meritocracy. Every member of the team is encouraged to realise their personal and professional goals. We value diversity of background, opinion and objective. Our people facilitate our success.


You can find staff profiles within our Company Linkedin page below: